Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hiya! Que paso? Wellkommen! Bon jour!

Welcome to Real Men Cook Too. Thanks so much for checking out my little corner of culinary heaven...or is it heathen? It's your call. We are men after all!!

The purpose of this blog is to show you how a husband and father of one spends time in the kitchen. I try to cook healthy, homemade food, free from the additives and preservatives in store bought food products. Pastuerized, processed, artificially flavored scooterbumble meat product....WHAT!!???

I try to keep our fat intake relatively low and when we do eats fats, I try to use healthy ones whenever possible. I also try to incorporate whole wheat into my recipes whenever possible. I'm also about portion control. You should see all these ideas incorporated into this blog.(Mix well and knead for 10 minutes) I'll post photographs where appropriate to illustrate a concept. Photography is another hobby. The link to my photo blog is located on the right side of this page. It's called Ordinary to Extraordinary.

I consider myself very lucky in that I get to spend an unusual amount of time in the kitchen. My profession allows that luxury. She who must be obeyed(SHMBO) just tells me to "shut up" when I talk about my schedule.

Here you'll find recipes, kitchen tips, kitchen tools/utensils and a bunch of other fun, miscellaneous and mischievous stuff.

Anyway, enjoy your visit and please comment. Talk about changes you would make to my recipes, send in recipes(I'll post the best ones after I try them and credit you), and tell us about your kitchen tips and favorite kitchen tools.

Gentlemen, if you're a kitchen kinda guy, TELL THE WORLD AND BE PROUD!!! Ladies, please tell us about your wonderful hubbies who spend time in the kitchen and let them know here how much you appreciate them. I'll even post cool and or heartwarming stories.

Be well, eat well, love well & live long!


  1. You and SWMBO are my idols!!! I wanna be smart like you and powerful like her!! I so totally want to be called SWMBO!!!


  2. Well, she does yield a big stick!!! But here's a secret between just you and me, I'm not a very good obeyer! LOL


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