Thursday, March 18, 2010

Surf and Learn

Periodically, I'll post links to interesting websites where you can learn more about cooking, food, healthy eating and restaurants. Here's the first installment.

7-6-5 Pork Tenderloin Cooking Technique This installment from the Fine Cooking website shows you how to grill a perfect pork tenderloin every time. It also mentions brining, which is a technique I use quite often, after learning about it many moons ago. I'll post about this technique later.

Cinnamon and Sugar Metaboilsm It seems that some of the chemicals in cinnamon are beneficial in the metabolism of sugar in the human body. I learned this a while back and now try to eat cinnamon more and more. And what a great excuse to make homemade cinnamon rolls!! I have a great recipe for those!!

Processed Hot Dogs Possibly Linked to Leukemia I just read a study about this while back. It seems that some of the chemicals used to preserve processed meats(eg, hot dogs) have been linked to childhood leukemia. Just another reason to eat whole unprocessed foods as much as possible and avoid preservatives whenever you can. Homemade RULES!!

Be well, eat well, love well and live long!

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