Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Surf 'n' Learn

Time for this week's installment of Surf 'N' Learn. I can just hear your brain gears clicking like a fine Swiss watch and know that nothing excites you more each week! So without further adieu, here are you weekly links.

Hold the Fries I'm all about trying to eat as healthy as possible, but I'm also an 'everything in moderation' kinda guy. Especially, for our armed services. "Yeah, you can die for your country, but you can't have a Whopper or watch a first-run movie." What a bunch of hooey!!

Eat Your Fiber You gotta take in at least three grams of fiber each day to have an effect on cholesterol levels.

Eight Foods You Should Eat Every Day From my favorite healthy eating website, Eat This, Not That. You should buy their books!(I receive no moolah nor do I have any affiliation with this site)

Be well. Eat well. Love well. Live Long!

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